ObamaCare Cost Calculator
(Affordable Care Subsidy Calculator)

The calculator found near the bottom of the page is intended to illustrate how families in varying circumstances may be affected by the tax credits and limits on age rating included in the law. Premiums will vary from region to region and based on assumptions insurers make in setting premiums. In addition to what people would pay in premiums, they would also have out-of-pocket expenses for cost sharing (e.g., deductibles and coinsurance), which in some cases would be subsidized based on income. In addition, there are many other factors that could increase or decrease how much people pay, including efforts to make the health care system more efficient and additional revenue measures to finance the federal cost of reform.

First, Let's Look At A Short Video On Choosing A Plan:

Second, Let's See How Premium Subsidies Work?

People purchasing coverage on their own will be eligible for government subsidies (through a tax credit) towards their health insurance premiums based on income. Subsidies will be provided to people with family income between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level. The most that these families buying subsidized coverage in an exchange will pay towards a health insurance premium will range from 2.0% of income at 100% of poverty to 9.5% of income at 400% of poverty, with amounts at specific income levels specified in a table in the law. Subsidies are tied to a benchmark level of coverage based on actuarial value. And, subsidies will only be available to those purchasing coverage through the exchanges, which includes people who do not have access to alternative insurance (such as Medicaid and affordable employer coverage). When an exchange determines that a person is eligible for a tax credit based on expected income, and that person enrolls in coverage, subsidies will be paid directly to insurers to lower the cost of premiums (and in some cases cost sharing). 


Third, Two Important Benefits To Take Advantage of Immediately:

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Plans on Federal Exchange

(Health Insurance Marketplace)


  1)  Bronze - You Pay 40% Co-Pay*

  2)  Silver - You Pay 30% Co-Pay*

  3)  Gold - You Pay 20% Co-Pay*

  4)  Platinum - You Pay 10% Co-Pay*

#5 Available Only Up to Age 30

  5)  Catastrophic - 40% Co-Pay*






~ *Max Out Of Pocket ~

All Plans have an Annual MOOP of no more than $6,350 for Individuals & $12,700 for Families.

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